stex 3d


Unique visualization your product in 3d!

STEX 3D This is a unique visualization service
floor and wall coverings in 3D.

Maximum information content and interactivity. Ability to change and illumination angle in real time.


Wallpaper, laminate, tiles and other materials in real 3D with the service STEX3D! No need to edit images or to carry out long-term procedure in the 3D editor to give ordinary 2D photos!

We make your product more interesting and save your time!


Flexible prices

✔ You only pay for what you use.


Increase in sales

✔ The efficiency of product presentation.


Separation from competitors

✔ The convenience of modern imaging technology.


Personal cloud

✔ Confidentiality of your data.

  • - Live coverage and quality of the evaluation of coatings
  •  - Select easy, simple solution
  • - The highest quality of detail
  • - Product evaluation under any foreshortening

The simplicity and flexibility of service in 4 steps


Register and add website profile


Create categories and add texture


Getting links in 1 click


Connection script and set html tag

Our services

  • Requests

    Request to the server

    You pay only for the unique needs!
    0.08P / unique request

  • Textures positions

    Textures positions

    Opportunity to purchase an unlimited number of positions for the goods!
    8P / position

  • Uniq interrior

    Interior design custom

    The unique interior design for your store!