What offers this service?
STEX 3D It offers you to save time and effectively present your product to the customer

- Your customers will be able to evaluate the product and simulate its visual component under any lighting in real time

- This is a unique technology that will show your product in a new way. It is interesting, informative, and fast!
How can I use this service?
  • Sign in

    ✔ The standard login procedure using login and password

  • Add your site to control the visualization service

    ✔ Name of your site must be easy to visualize management

    ✔ Site name can not be his domain name. There is no actual limit to the names

  • Building category

    ✔ Category defines the type of interior ( living room, shower room ) in which to display your product depending on its type. Example: for a tile shower komanty, laminate and wallpaper for the living room.

  • Adding texture

    ✔ The service works with images of format png or jpg/jpeg

    ✔ Service normalizes the photo to a ratio of 1:1 ( height: width) is automatically loaded when the photo is not the correct format

    ✔ Service automatically compress photos. There is no need to compress the photo yourself

    ✔ For maximum detail level is recommended to set the ratio in the 2D preview

Integration service
  • Two simple steps

    ✔ Connecting tiny script on website   (Download script example initialization)

    ✔ Add custom html attribute on links and / or buttons
      Example:input data-stex3d="https://generated link" type="button" value="show"

      Get a link when selecting categories or texture


Pay for what?
  • Unique queries

    ✔ Each user session is kept for 30 minutes. We do not take money for the repeated requests

  • Textures positions

    ✔ You buy items for uploading photos/textures

    ✔ You always a possibility to remove old position freeing them for new products

  • Unique interior design

    ✔ Our designers and modelers will help create an exclusive 3D interior adapted to high download speeds

If the client has an old browser?
  • At this point does not support WebGL technology only 2% of the browser on the Internet and the number is steadily declining with the development of technology
  • You can remove the sight of this service from clients with no current versions of browsers
  • We find a compromise between quality, performance and adaptability and try what would our customers do not have a problem with