Service STEX 3D uses the latest visualization technology.

Our team is focused on the creation of a truly simple and not expensive for the service user. We find the best technological solutions and know how to find a compromise between quality and performance of its imaging with our customers! Now the 3D scene for the site can create any 5 clicks.

This service is absolutely universal, you can now present a tile in the bathroom, and an Italian parquet in the living room. As well as wallpaper and other wall coverings.

We offer only beautiful, graceful and long-term solutions.

The optimum ratio of detail and performance

- Our service automatically detects the type of device and determines the quality of visualization .

- Automatic processing of the loaded textures, no longer need to edit images even in photoshop. Service produces auto-compression, calibration to the aspect ratio of 1:1 (square) of each image.

- We have created a simple solution for those who save time and money. To use the service do not need special skills.

preview of interrior
Easy calibration of the texture before creating the 3D scene
preview of scaling texture

Each user can set the scaling eye texture coefficient in 2D.

No matter from what distance was produced covering the picture - you can always specify its scope.

Now users do not need to know what the tiling, drag the slider enough to get the correct scope of coverage pattern in the 3D scene.

preview 3d scene